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Professional Make Over of the Wicked Bucks Brands

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13 Aug, 2021, 12:46 am

It’s been 15 years since Wicked Events Management first opened our doors, and it’s been an absolutely incredible journey. There are so many different reasons why we love coming to work every day, that it’s hard to pick just one. Plenty of things have changed since we started business as a Gold Coast-based events company, and we thought it was about time our brand reflected the incredible work we’re doing every way. 

That’s why we set out to completely update the Wicked Events Management brand. We want our clients, suppliers and partners to know exactly what to expect from the get-go, and why we are the number one provider in the region. The professional makeover of our brand was not only designed to keep our business growing on an upward trajectory, but to also create a platform that champions the incredible efforts of the people we work with every day. 

The new and improved Wicked Events Management is a home for Wicked Bucks, Wicked Hens, Wicked Club Crawl, Stag Parties, Team Trips, Mate Trips and Blissful Dubs. Whatever event you may be planning, you’ll find the answers, advice and support you need to make it happen when you chat with us. With more than 35 locations across Australia and New Zealand, and 700 activity suppliers, it’s never been a better time to be a part of the Wicked Events Management Brand. 


Changes to the Wicked Events Management Brand


Super professional

At Wicked Events Management, it’s our mission to deliver once in a lifetime experiences for our clients. To ensure we’re providing the best possible service, we’ve got an extensive list of ideas, activities and options across Australia, New Zealand and the world. We understand that many of these providers are running businesses of their own, so it’s important that we make our partnerships as streamlined and efficient as possible. 

The new Wicked Events Management includes a functional and engaging website. This online portal is a one-stop-destination for all businesses to find the information relevant to them, no matter what sector of our brand they’re interested in learning more about. While offering all relevant contact details and businesses overviews, this website also includes links to the individual websites of each sub-brand. The beauty of this approach is that businesses can find exactly what they need, when they need it – which proves beneficial for everyone involved.  


Bringing it all together

Wicked Events Management has grown and evolved over the years. We started with our buck’s party events in the early days, and now 7 different categories for events and party planning. In the past, many of our clients came to us with a specific purpose or celebration in mind. Whether that was giving their buddy the ultimate bucks send off or showering their sister with love and attention for her final days as a single lady, our professional relationships were initially built on these one-off occasions. 

Now that we offer such a broad spectrum of different services, we knew it was important to share our diverse offering with the audience. The professional makeover of Wicked Events Management was a great way to connect the dots between these different sectors of the business and help build awareness of our brand across the entire population. For our suppliers and partners, this has opened a whole new world of opportunity by exponentially increasing the demand for our services. We plan on continuing to solidify the consistency of our branding across every touchpoint to ensure we provide as much value as possible for every person in our supply chain. 


Showcasing our experience and expertise

When it comes to events and party planning, it’s certainly not our first rodeo. We’ve been in the game for more than 15 years now, and we’ve picked up plenty of tips and tricks along the way. As part of our professional brand make-over, we’ve focused our efforts on highlighting our impressive portfolio of previous work and demonstrating our true insight into the industry. 

With more experience and expertise than nearly any other business in the same sector, our clients can appreciate the true value they will receive from the very first minute they engage with our brand. This understanding gives them the peace of mind that they’re in good hands and means they’re more likely to refer us to their family and friends too. It’s a growth strategy that will mean we maintain our position as an industry leader and will give us the platform to bring our suppliers and operators along for the ride. 


Broaden our reach

Wicked Events Management is always looking for opportunities to tap into new markets and broaden our reach. With a new professional look, our business is not just confined to Australia and New Zealand. Our impressive digital presence gives us access to people and businesses across the globe, which is the key to expanding what we do. 

We’re already working in the United States, Bali, Fiji and plenty of other countries across the globe, and this new strategy will ensure we continue to uncover new opportunities in exciting locations. This approach will add another layer of incentive for clients and will open potential collaborations with a whole new world of suppliers. 


Having plenty of fun

Our brand is built on the ethos of having fun, and that’s not something we plan on saying goodbye to. While we may have a completely new professional look, we’re still just as keen to have a good time. In fact, this exciting new chapter of our business is about as good as it gets for us! We’re looking forward to connecting with new partygoers, putting on epic celebrations and getting ready to redefine the standard for parties across the globe. It’s our mission to involve as many people as possible on this journey, because after all, the more the merrier.