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Inside the Wicked Event Management Work Culture


13 Aug, 2021, 3:50 am

At Wicked Event Management, our work culture is everything. We know we are only as valuable as the people on our teams, so it’s important that we shower them with the attention, support and development they deserve. Whether you’re working on our marketing team, managing our suppliers or connecting with our clients, your health and well-being is our number one priority. 

This unwavering commitment to our people is why we direct every effort towards nurturing and growing our work culture. And when you speak to our team, it’s usually one of the number one reasons why they choose to work for us. In fact, we all love coming into the office every single day. 

For us, the perfect office mentality isn’t about doing as much work as possible in the shortest period of time. It’s not about piling extra responsibilities onto people that are already doing more than their fair share. And it’s definitely not about prioritising the growth of our business over the wellbeing of our people. After all, pay-checks only pay the bills – they don’t define happiness. 

Instead, we take a more much caring and responsible approach to work culture. We like to think of it as our duty to ensure we are thinking about the wellbeing of every single person in our office, and introducing policies designed to look after their unique needs. To give you an insight into exactly what that means, we’ve put together five things we bet you didn’t know about the Wicked Events Management Work Culture. You might just be surprised by what you read. 



Teamwork makes the dream work 

In the 15 years since we first opened our doors, the Wicked Events Management team has grown and diversified more than we ever imagined possible. What started as a locally based business on the Gold Coast, now works with suppliers, partygoers, business and groups across the globe. We bringtogether people from all walks of life and draw on the expertise of professionals in every industry. 

While the Wicked Events Management family is diverse, we are united in our goal of providing as once in a lifetime experience for everyone we meet. Whether you’re answering the phones, crafting our marketing strategies or finalising the bookings for our clients, we shower everyone with the same care, consideration and acceptance. We’re unwavering in our commitment to this ethos because we know we’re only as good as our people, and we want to maintain our position as a global leader in the industry. 


Honesty is the best possible

group meeting Wicked

It’s a lesson you probably learned from your parents at a young age, but there’s a reason this value has endured through time. At Wicked Event Management, there is nothing more important than being honest from the get-go. From the very first moment a client connects with our team, we are committed to transparency in every sense of the word. For us, that starts with establishing the unique goals and visions of our customers. 

We take the time to sit down and understand exactly what they’re trying to achieve from their work with us, before we dive into the organising, planning and creating stage. The beauty of this approach is that we have a clear direction from the very beginning and can ensure we provide the most relevant and up-to-date information. That means our customers are never greeted by unexpected and unavoidable surprises down the track and know exactly what to expect. 


We’re here to have fun too!

Wicked Nightlife Tour Club Crawl

There’s a reason we’re in the business of party and event planning – we seriously love to have a good time! We live and breathe entertainment, which means we’ve got an extensive range of connections across the world. This network allows us to stay across the latest trends, newest openings and hottest venues across the globe.

As long-term providers and leaders in the industry, our trusted suppliers pass on plenty of great perks and discounts. For our clients, that means they get the best prices on the market and seriously exclusive opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. What’s not to love about that? 


Attention to detail is key 

Wicked Events Management

It’s our goal to take a weight off the shoulders of our clients and take work off the plate of our suppliers. We want Wicked Event Management to be synonymous with perfection, and it’s a commitment we uphold in everything we do. To ensure a streamlined and enjoyable process for everyone involved, we know the devil is in the details. It’s our responsibility to pay attention to the little things, consider any potential hurdles and introduce proactive measures before any issues arise. 

Our keen eye for detail not only allows us to deliver the best possible result, but it’s also the key to our maintaining efficient and effective processes. We’re continually looking for new opportunities to refine the way we do things and expand the services we offer. The benefit of this approach is that we’re always looking for new suppliers to add to our rotation and list of preferred contractors. These connections are how we offer a world-class service, so we encourage businesses across every industry to reach out and introduce themselves to us. 


There is no such thing as impossible 

At Wicked Event Management, we like to think of ourselves as magic makers. We take the visions, ideas, and goals of our clients, and transform that into ground-breaking experiences and memories that last well beyond the final days of a trip. It’s an all-encompassing approach that gives our partners the opportunity to get involved with incredible projects, lead the way in their industry and have a lasting impact on the lives of people across the globe. It goes both ways too! We encourage our partners and suppliers to share their ambition with our team, so we can devise strategies that propel everyone to new heights.